Turn your 24 words seedphrase into something you can remember

Stop using pen & paper, encrypt your seedphrase with a 100% offline tool and sleep tight.

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24 words seedphrases are just NOT safe

Do you remember yours?

Hard to remember

The seedphrase is a list of 24 random words that are used as a backup code for your cryptocurrencies.
Would you remember it while on a trip on the other side of the world?

Easy to steal

Each day $2.7 million is stolen from crypto exchanges.

Remember: who owns the seed, owns the coin.

You still need a safe

Most people would simply print the 24 words seedphrase and store it in a safe or in a hidden place.
You need to protect your words like a rare diamond.

How safe is really safe for you?

Whoever owns the seed, owns the coin

Discover MagicSeed

100% offline

The encryption procedure is 100% offline. You won't need any Wi-Fi or cable connection to your MagicSeed.

Your seed is safe

The original seedphrease is not stored in the device. It will never be. Only you will know what you're typing into it.

No further lock required

Crypto hodlers usually lock each seed phrase in a safe or print a generated QR code and put it in a hidden place. You don't need to do this with MagicSeed.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar and more.
You can store any seedphrase with no limits.

Easy to use

Set up your device and manage your seeds in less than 5 minutes.

With MagicSeed, you will just need the QR code and your secret key.

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Already using a hardware wallet?

MagicSeed gets along with any hardware wallet. Encrypt the seed generated from your hardware using MagicSeed and simply use it whenever needed.

Easy to use

Follow the on-screen instructions and store your seedphrase in 5 minutes.

100% offline

MagicSeed works 100% offline. Your data will only be available for you.

No subscription required

We don't require a monthly/yearly subscripition.

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